• Zentai Encasement

    Zentai Encasement videos

    We like to take our models and throw a bag of pantyhose and spandex at them. We say, pick something out of the bag and put it on! Sometimes they choose a zentain full encasement bodysuit and just improvise and have fun stuffed inside the lycra nylon material.

  • Spandex Butt

    Spandex Butts Galore!

    SPANDEX ASS! Spandex Butts! Unitard Bodysuits... More often than not, when we shoot with multiple girls, they always seem to take the opportunity to rub each other in their spandex or pantyhose encasement outfits. It's inevitable, they always seem to end up caressing one another or giving each other backrubs.

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Our Offerings To You

Gorgeous girls, average girls, chunky girls, skinny girls, pregnant girls, tall girls, short girls - all wearing skintight, shiny material. We love the pantyhose foot fetish as well.

We snap around 50 pics per outfit and spend some time with the video camera trained on them as they pose, walk, jog, dance, frolic with other women - whatever. We just make sure to have the video cameras running for all our pantyhose video clips and spandex movies.

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